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To expand your marketing efforts on a national scale, consider our economical semi-exclusive leads, delivered in real-time from the US and Canada. With options to select by gender, country (US & Canada), and time zone, you can even redirect the lead to your personal website.

Each lead provides you with essential information, including the prospect's full name, email, telephone, state/province, the best time to call, time stamp, and IP address.

You can count on each lead being delivered in real-time, so as soon as a prospect completes and submits their information on one of our home business opportunity websites (click on the image), it is immediately emailed to you. By reaching out to the lead immediately, you'll make a great impression by showing that you're responsive and committed to their needs.

Our free online leads management facility gives you full control of your leads. You can choose when to receive your leads, set daily delivery caps for the maximum number of leads you want per day, report any invalid leads for 100% replacement on eligible invalid leads, and view or download all leads. You can even order leads directly from our platform!

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A 20% sorting fee is applied on Gender specific leads.

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A $1.25 per lead sorting fee is applied on Redirected Leads.

NOTE: Please use your secure URL (i.e. secure URLs start with https like the example in the field above).

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A 20% sorting fee is applied on time-zone specific leads.

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No additional charge for country specific sorting.

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